mac data recovery

Mac Data Recovery

Free download mac data recovery tool that recovers accidental deleting, formatting, improper device usage, virus attack, software crash, and also restores files from lost Mac partitions.

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photo recovery

Photo Recovery

Free download photo recovery tool that recovers all photos those have been accidental deleted, formatted or attacked by virus.

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windows data recovery

Windows Data Recovery

Free download windows data recovery tool that recovers accidental deleting, formatting, improper device usage, virus attack, software crash, and also restores files from lost Windows partitions.

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PC Data Recovery

Personal computers (pc) are common everywhere in today’s world. People store lot of data in their computer in digitalized form. Those data can be photos that are stored for personal memories, videos and music for entertainment, documents for business purpose and lot more data are fed in to the system. Among theses some data can be of great importance and some may not. Some may be gradually used and some may be used daily, but losing any of these data gives equal pain to the user to whom they belong. Losing important files can even lead the user to frustrations and depression. So, it is recommended to use pc data recovery to recover back all the deleted and lost data from your system. Pc data recovery is a unique and best tool that recovers any type of data from your computers.

Before going to the core of pc data recovery, let us know some of the reasons for data loss. There are various factors that cause data corruption or deletion which are as follows:

  • Emergency formatting
  • Accidental deletion
  • Virus attack in the system
  • Abrupt shut down of the system
  • Power surges
  • Mechanical fault in the device
  • Improper execution of the file or folder
  • Physical damage to the computer
  • Corruption in software

Pc data recovery is a multi-purpose recovery tool. You can recover anything from any device. Along with photo, video and audio recovery, pen drive recovery and cameras recovery is also possible. It analyzes the hard drive for the deleted items and gives a successful data recovery. A question might arise in your mind that, how will know that you have lost your files from PC? It is very easy to make out file deletion. Given below are symptoms that will help you to know that you are need of pc data recovery tool.

  • When you will open the corrupted file, it will show an error message
  • The speed of your system might slow down
  • You will not get the path for your desired folder, when it is deleted
  • Your computer wont boot
  • Inaccessible file or drive
  • File that should be full, will show you empty
  • Application will not be able to run properly
  • Trying and failing to open word or excel file
  • Systems starts hanging

Now that you are aware of the symptoms of data loss, try to protect your files and folder from being deleted. You should take precautions that reduce the chances of data loss, but remember, in spite of preventive measures, you might lose your valuable information. In that situation, you have to take the help of pc data recovery. This recovery tool is designed with latest and modern technologies and has user-friendly interface. Pc data recovery is loaded with multiple dynamic features which are as follows:

  • Recovers deleted audio, video, photos, documents, notes and many more
  • Scan the system for deleted files and folders
  • Allows file preview before recovery
  • Supports batch recovery
  • Compatible with multiple operating system
  • Recovers data from external devices like, memory card, pen drive, USB, cameras etc
  • Gives a fast recover speed
  • Also recovers data from repartitioned drives

So, what are waiting for, download pc data recovery and recover back all the precious files that have been deleted, corrupted or lost.